Currencies: FOREX calm but Bitcoin incandescent – 2024-03-11

The dollar recovered slightly, slowly and without any bouts of volatility, after stagnating until 1:00 pm.
The $-Index climbed +0.15% to 102.90… and owes this progress to the fall in the pound, which dropped -0.4% to 1.2800, while the yen gained 0.1%.
The euro fell by 0.1% to 1.0925, and the situation appears to have remained relatively static for the past 1 week, with the euro levelling off below 1.0940.
Note the new low for the Turkish lira, which has sunk below 32 against the dollar.
Gold, for its part, is holding firm at $2,180/Oz… the “fact of the day” will undoubtedly be the soaring value of Bitcoin (+6%), which smashed a new all-time intraday record at $72.690 (+4.3% to 72,300 this evening), and – symbolically and for the 1st time – surpasses the value of gold bullion ($71,160)

No data was on the agenda in Europe this Monday, but the following days will see the release of the latest inflation figures in Germany and France for February, as well as industrial production in the eurozone and the UK for January.

The week promises to be particularly busy in the United States, with various inflation figures, as well as retail sales and industrial production for last month.


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