Currency JICsaw: The industry fumbles by not prioritizing new currencies that accurately measure impact

In a landscape where the U.S. Joint Industry Committee (JIC) has validated Comscore and VideoAmp as transactional currencies, a pertinent observation by industry veterans draws our collective gaze toward an overlooked opportunity. The industry’s dalliance with surface-level metrics is a missed chance to deeply engage with attentiveness and effectiveness measurements. Beyond mere audience reach, these metrics could unveil nuanced insights into how and why certain ads resonate more profoundly with viewers.

The advertising scene grapples with the surge of SVOD platforms and the ensuing fragmentation. This not only complicates audience stitching across platforms but also raises critical questions about the effectiveness of traditional measurement methods. Amid this evolving backdrop, the call for a shift toward more meaningful metrics that capture the impact of advertising on consumer attention and engagement has never been more urgent.

The narrative unfolding within the U.S. underscores a pivotal industry inflection point: the imperative to transcend traditional metrics that prioritize reach over resonance. As Beatgrid’s pioneering efforts, there exists a viable path forward through unified, single-source, person-level measurement solutions. These solutions not only promise a more accurate appraisal of ad effectiveness but also champion the cause for a measurement paradigm that prizes consumer attentiveness and impact.

Our collective industry effort should pivot toward championing measurement currencies that do more than tally views. The emphasis must shift to understanding the qualitative aspects of consumer engagement — how attentively audiences are interacting with content and the consequent impact on brand recall, affinity and conversion. This calls for an industry-wide recalibration of values, where attentiveness metrics emerge as the gold standard for assessing advertising efficacy.

The challenge ahead for advertisers, platforms and measurement providers alike is to collaboratively foster a measurement ecosystem that values depth over breadth. By advocating for the integration of attentiveness and impact metrics into our standard toolkit, we can collectively elevate our understanding of advertising effectiveness. In doing so, we not only respond to the market’s call for a more nuanced approach to measurement but also align ourselves with forward-thinking advertiser leaders who adapt solutions such as Beatgrid, who are already charting this course.

As we stand at the crossroads of change, the need for an industry-wide embrace of attentiveness and impact metrics becomes not just a recommendation but a requisite for future success. In heeding the insights of thought leaders and innovators, we can navigate the complexities of today’s advertising landscape with a clear vision for tomorrow — one that prioritizes meaningful engagement over mere exposure, setting a new standard for what it means to truly capture the consumer’s attention.

Daniel Tjondronegoro has an international business background in the broadcasting and cross-media advertising industry. He is an expert in effectively converting industry problems into innovative product-to-market fit solutions. His experience expands from creating and evolving adtech products to developing long-standing commercial partnerships across the US, EMEA and APAC. Tjondronegoro started his career in the media and advertising industry in 2008, and in 2012 he got involved in the radio tech startup, MyRadio (the EU variant of Pandora radio). After a successful business venture at MyRadio, Tjondronegoro teamed up with Leon van Zantvoort, as a cofounder to build Beatgrid into what it is today. At Beatgrid, Tjondronegoro is responsible for product and business growth, closely involved in commercial partnerships and supporting tier-one clients with tailor-made audience measurement solutions. He is often invited to conferences, where he talks about what the future of cross-media measurement will look like. To this date, his main focus is on commercial and product strategy and operations, steering Beatgrid to becoming the industry’s ad effectiveness currency.

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