Destiny 2 is giving you free currency every week until The Final Shape

I’m not saying Bungie is getting desperate for players to just log into Destiny 2, but the developer has taken to bribing you. From March 5 until the next expansion, The Final Shape, you can have a small sum of in-game currency weekly, no strings attached.

Destiny 2 is not in great shape right now. The FPS game took a hit during Lightfall, where fans were consistently displeased by the expansion’s offerings. In late 2023, Bungie announced a round of layoffs, contributing to a huge amount of jobs lost across the game industry of late.

This led to the multiplayer game‘s next DLC, The Final Shape, to be delayed to June of this year. Concurrent players have dropped significantly over the last few months, leaving Destiny 2 seeming volatile, and potentially Bungie along with it.

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In what seems like an attempt to draw back in jaded players, Destiny 2 is offering 700 Bright Dust weekly, start March 5, from the Eververse store. All you have to do is log in and claim it. That’s a small token, but the act of booting up the space game may very well encourage some players to stick around.

At time of writing, Destiny 2 has just over 32,000 players in-game on Steam. That’s a far cry from the over 300,000 that were logging in at points of 2023. If that number gets even a slight bump, it’ll be seen as an improvement, and perhaps the gesture will generate some goodwill.

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