DOGE May Become the ‘Official Currency of Austin,’ Analyst Says | Video

I’m a big fan. I think, I think Doge, you know, Doge is gonna become money. It’s eventually gonna become, uh X Twitter money and it may wind up the official currency of Austin, Texas. If he brings all the headquarters here, you know, I’ve never actually heard anyone say that Doge could be an official currency of anywhere. Do you think that that actually could happen? Sure. The answer is yes. Austin is a tech town, right? Uh Elon’s gonna bring the headquarters here. I mean, uh I, I drive by the Giga Factory and it’s just, I, I can’t believe how big it is. It’s stunning. So if, if you have with and cat coins, uh, you know, with like hundreds of millions of dollars in market cap, you know, Doge almost becomes, you know, blue chip in a way. And then Austin’s a tech town, you know, everybody could become this cool trendy thing to start accepting Doge.

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