Final Fantasy 14 Online on Xbox Series X/S will require a new currency for certain items and services

Final Fantasy 14 Online will soon arrive on Xbox Series X/S, and players were surprised yesterday to learn this version of the game will feature a currency known as FFXIV Coins, causing some confusion for a few folks.

According to Square Enix, FFXIV Coins are a required currency to pay for “service fees and optional item purchases” on the console, according to the official blog post. Optional items will likely include various in-game services and items.

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Final Fantasy 14 Online finally comes to Xbox on March 21.

Currently, we aren’t quite sure, but we presume “service fees” pertain to the game’s monthly subscription. Square has different subscription tiers available depending on which option you choose. For the Entry tier, you can purchase 30 days at a time for $12.99, but it restricts the number of characters you can have per physical data server. If you opt for the standard sub, you can purchase 30 days/$14.99, 90 days/$13.99, and 180 days/$12.99 worth of time.

There are three different ways to pay for game time: a credit or debit card, a game time card with a code, or using Square Enix Crysta – a separate currency. This currency is purchased using payment methods such as debit or credit cards and used as payment for various services, your subscription, or in-game items.

This is likely what FFXIV Coins will be used for, instead of Crysta. Again, we aren’t 100% sure of this, as a full explanation has not been provided as of press time.

FFXIV Coins are bought through the Microsoft Store, and once purchased, head to the in-game store, called Mog Station, to spend them. Alternatively, you can also visit the Final Fantasy 14 Online Store to spend your coins. Again, payments will be handled using FFXIV Coins only when playing on Xbox Series X/S.

After purchasing the coins from the Microsoft Store, you will need to log into the Xbox Series X/S version of FFF14 to have the currency credited to your Square Enix Account. You will not be able to use the coins until you log in. You will also need to make sure your Xbox and Square Enix accounts are linked.

Because it is an online game, you will also need an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Game Pass Core subscription. These are the two options that offer access to online play, as the standard Game Pass subscription does not. Microsoft requires a subscription to play online, as does Sony, but unlike the upcoming Series X/S version, PlayStation users do not need a PlayStation Plus subscription to play FF14 online – same with PC.

Final Fantasy 14 Online will be released for Xbox Series X/S on March 21 and the Starter Edition will be free to Game Pass Ultimate users for the first month. It includes the Realm Reborn the base game, the first and second expansions Heavensward and Stormblood, and it allows you to play up to level 70.

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