Final Fantasy XIV Online on Xbox Introduces New ‘FFXIV Coins’ Microtransaction Currency

Due to release later this week, Final Fantasy XIV Online has been a long time coming to Xbox, but one thing players might not have been expecting are new microtransactions revolving around a currency known as ‘FFXIV Coins’. The new MTX doesn’t feature in the PlayStation or PC versions of the game.

According to an official FF XIV Lodestone post, FFXIV Coins will be required for “service fees and optional item purchases”, with coin bundles available to buy from the Microsoft Store. Once you’ve purchased FFXIV Coins, you’ll then need to head to the in-game Mog Station or Final Fantasy XIV Online Store to spend them. “Payments will be handled using FFXIV Coins only,” when playing FF XIV on Xbox Series X|S, the article notes.

Players are unsurprisingly perplexed that you’re unable to purchase FF XIV Coins within Final Fantasy XIV itself, and have to go into the Microsoft Store, while others are confused as to whether FFXIV Coins will also be required to pay for a subscription. The Starter Edition of Final Fantasy XIV Online is available with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, but beyond that, it’s not entirely obvious how a subscription works on Xbox.

Hopefully, the answers to these questions will be provided in due course. Final Fantasy XIV Online launches for Xbox Series X|S on 21st March.

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