New FFXIV Currency For Xbox Players Will Change Everything


  • Xbox Series S/X version of FFXIV introduces exclusive FFXIV Coins for in-game purchases.
  • Microsoft Rewards users can use their points to buy FFXIV Coins, essentially paying for their subscription using rewards earned from Bing searches and other app or game purchases.
  • Purchases made on the Online Store and Mog Station using real money will carry over to the Xbox version, making switching platforms seamless.



The Xbox Series S/X version of Final Fantasy 14 is introducing its own exclusive currency. The 2010 massively multiplayer online role-playing game is finally coming out of the “open beta” it’s been in since late February and will be releasing six separate versions, each with a different number of expansions on Xbox Series S/X on March 21st. The game also benefits from faster loading times on these consoles and 4K graphics on the Xbox Series X.

The game’s
Online Starter Edition
will also be free with Xbox Game Pass Perks, and includes the base game,
A Realm Reborn,
and the first two expansions,

As revealed on the official FFXIV website, unlike the previous versions of FFXIV, the Xbox release will include its own currency called FFXIV Coins. Players will have to buy these with real money to make purchases on the Final Fantasy 14 Online Store where they can buy items such as mounts, costumes, weapons, and more for use in-game, and the Mog Station website, where players can also register or upgrade their copy of the game, and manage their subscriptions.


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Xbox Players Can Use Their Microsoft Rewards To Buy FFXIV Coins

Essentially Paying For Their FFXIV Subscription By Using Bing Or Buying Games

Final Fantasy 14 - Xbox

As reported by VGC, those who use the Microsoft Rewards scheme will be able to use their rewards points to buy Xbox funds and pay for their FFXIV Coins – and therefore their subscription to the game – that way. So long as players remain signed into Microsoft Rewards, the loyalty program lets its users earn rewards for buying games and apps or searching the web with Bing, with Level 1 members being able to earn points for up to 10 searches each day and Level 2 members earning points for up to 30 searches per day.

Currently, FFXIV‘s Expanded Free Trial, which is available on all of the game’s platforms lets players play through the entirety of the base game as well as its first two expansions up to level 70 with no restrictions on playtime, but after they’ve hit level 70, they’ll have to pay a monthly subscription to continue. Xbox players, however, may not have to spend any actual money on this if they use Microsoft Rewards instead, which is a novel way to incentivize players into using more of Microsoft’s products, and presumably, Microsoft will take a percentage from the sales of these subscription and item purchases as well.

As a result, this certainly makes the option to play FFXIV on Xbox Series S/X a more enticing one when compared to other platforms. Fortunately for those who have been playing Final Fantasy 14 on multiple platforms over the last decade, any purchases they have already made on the Online Store and Mog Station website using real money will also be carried over to the Xbox version, making it easy to switch should they choose to do so.

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