Trump to Block Central Bank Digital Currencies if Elected

In a recent campaign speech in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Ex-President Trump firmly pledged to prevent a central bank’s digital money from being used in America.

This statement came during his ongoing campaign for the 2024 presidential election, set for later this year

Trump explained his stand on protecting Americans from what he terms as government blackmail. He expressed concerns that a CBDC could grant the federal government complete control over individual finances.

“Such a currency would give our federal government the absolute control over your money… they could take your money and you wouldn’t even know it was gone.”

The discussion of cryptocurrencies and digital assets has become increasingly important in politics. John Reed Stark, a former Securities and Exchange Commission enforcer, suggested that every presidential contender should appoint a “Crypto Czar” to address cryptocurrency-related issues within their campaign.

While president, Donald Trump criticized Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, stating he was not supportive of these digital assets as replacements for money due to their volatile values not backed by tangible assets. He worried that uncontrolled digital currencies might lead to crimes such as drug trafficking.

The conversation over digital currencies and their role in the U.S. economy continues to be a significant topic. As the 2024 General elections approach, candidates are to acknowledge the impact of crypto policies on their campaigns, signaling the growing importance of digital assets in the political discourse.

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