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India’s Forex Reserves Increase By $2.98 Billion: RBI Data

India’s foreign exchange reserves increased by $2.975 billion to reach $619.072 billion by the week ending on February 23, according to the latest data from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Prior to this week, the reserves stood at $616.097 billion. During the same period, India’s foreign currency assets (FCA), which constitute the most significant component of the forex reserves, grew by $2.405 billion to $548.188 billion, as per the Weekly Statistical Supplement released by the RBI.

However, gold reserves saw a decline of $472 million, reaching $47.848 billion.

Meanwhile, India’s foreign exchange reserves decreased by $5.240 billion to $617.230 billion in the week ending February 9. This decline follows a peak reached in the previous week.

In the calendar year 2023, the RBI added approximately $58 billion to its foreign exchange reserves. In contrast, during the year 2022, the forex reserves of India experienced a cumulative decline of $71 billion.

Foreign exchange reserves, also known as FX reserves, are assets held by a nation’s central bank or monetary authority. These reserves are typically held in reserve currencies, predominantly the US Dollar and, to a lesser extent, the Euro, Japanese Yen, and Pound Sterling.

India’s foreign exchange reserves reached an all-time high of about $645 billion in October 2021. The subsequent marginal decline is partly attributed to the increased cost of imported goods in 2022. Additionally, fluctuations in forex reserves can be linked to the RBI’s occasional intervention in the market to counteract the rupee’s depreciation against the US dollar.

The RBI monitors foreign exchange markets closely and intervenes when necessary to maintain stability and prevent excessive volatility in the exchange rate. Such interventions by the bank aim to ensure orderly market conditions without a predefined target level or band for the exchange rate.

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