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NBE credit card users can now use up to LE 60k in foreign currency without notifying bank

Cairo – May 14, 2024: National Bank of Egypt (NBE) credit card users can now access up to LE 60,000 for foreign currency transactions both domestically and internationally without prior notification to the bank.

This marks a significant increase from the bank’s former highest limit of LE 20,000.

In an official release by the bank, the NBE revealed that Gold and Titanium card holders can now use up to LE 25,000, up from the previous LE 7,500 limit.

Visa Platinum, Mastercard Platinum and Mastercard holders can now utilize up to LE 40,000, compared to the previous LE 12,500 limit.

Mastercard World, Visa Signature and Mastercard Corporate holders had their limits raised to LE 60,000 from the previous limit of LE 20,000.

Visa Classic and Mastercard Standard are at the lowest threshold, able to access LE 5,000 maximum.

Limits for a single purchase in foreign currencies is according to the credit limit of the card itself and cannot exceed the specifications of the type of card, explained the NBE.

The bank noted that multiple NBE credit card user’s monthly cap for foreign currency purchases is according to the monthly limit of the user’s highest credit card category.

The NBE’s adjustments are part of a directive by the Central Bank of Egypt to local banks to raise foreign currency transaction limits following the devaluation of the Egyptian Pound in March.


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