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New regulations for online vendors dey come – FCCPC

Wetin we call dis foto, Dr Ahmed Abdullahi na di Acting Vice Chairman of di Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC)

  • Author, Tamara Ebiwei
  • Role, Broadcast Journalist
  • Reporting from Abuja

Pipo wey dey buy and sell tins online go need to open dia ears and shine dia eyes well-well.

Na di Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) Acting Chairman, Ahmed Abdullahi tok inside one exclusive interview with BBC Pidgin.

Im tok say dem don begin chook eye for online business pipo wey dia businesses dey registered in Nigeria and dem also dey stay for Nigeria yet dem dey sell dia goods in foreign currencies.

Im explain say di guidelines for di “emerging market” wey be online and digital marketing go come out in three months time.

“Di problem be say, wen you dey do business wey dey outside Nigeria, currency dey wey you go do your business wit. International business get international currency, dia rule go dey different.

We dey work on regulations right now wey go guide di new market. Right now, market survey for di ‘emerging market’ dey happun for here and we get consultant wey dey tell us how di new regulations we dey work on now go look like.” Im add.

Oga Abdullahi tok dey come as one Chinese Supermarket for di nation capital Abuja, make news recently afta dem summon den on di accuse say dem involve for discriminatory practices against Nigerians.

Apart from di offence of discriminatory practices, FCCPC say dem also commit offence because dem dey do business inside Nigeria wit foreign currency.

Im tell BBC Pidgin say dat one na crime as she break di CBN law and di Nigeria law wey dey inside diconstitution wey tok say na Naira be di legal money for Nigeria.

“If we find out say you break dis law we go carry you go meet CBN wey make di law and ask dem di penalty for di offence. We neva reach dat point yet, but wen we reach dia, we go know as we go handle am and di exact penalty.

Im go on to tok say na for social media dem see di video of di discriminatory practice na why dem tackle am sharp sharp.

“Dem do video put am for social media, na from dia we take up di mata. We go di place and true true we find out say di woman wey dey run di place, lock am up come run comot. So we ask question say if di woman no get wetin she dey hide, why she pick race?.

Wia dis foto come from, FCCPC

Wetin we call dis foto, FCCPC say dem no shut down di Chinese Supermarket but say na summon notice dem put for di gate.

Contrary to reports say FCCPC shut down di supermarket, oga Ahmed clear di air say dem no shut am down, na summon notice dem put for di gate, but di woman run comot.

Im add say wen di woman later come meet dem or dia office, dem explain wetin dem see for social media but di woman tell dem say no be so e happun.

“But wen we go di place we find out say di items wey dem dey sell for dia na Chinese items but dem put di price for Chinese money wey be Yuan and wen you wan pay money na Yaun dem dey charge you, dem dey also give receipt in Yuan.

We tell dem say e no dey possible to do dat kain tin for Nigeria, sake of say for Nigeria we get our own currency wey be Naira.

E also mean say oda Nigerians wey dey live for di place no go fit get access to di supermarket.”

Im add say FCCPC give order say di owner of di supermarket must put big notice for dia say evribody dey allowed to enta di place for shopping.

“If she no comply, we no go open dat shop and she no go fit do business for Nigeria again, law na law and we must follow di law. For dia kontri dem no go allow you.”

‘If we see any fake product for market we fit clear am’

Fake products and pricing na anoda tin wey Nigeria consumers dey complain about.

Oga Abdullahi say Nigerians dey confuse about di work wey FCCPC dey do.

Im explain say even though Nigerians dey expect dem to put prices for items for market, dat one no be dia work.

According to am, FCCPC no get power to regulate prices for market but to make sure say fair competition dey among di pipo wey dey sell and make buyers also get wetin dem want at affordable prices and quality.

“Our work na to make sure say open market dey. Anytin wey e cost you to produce your product, sell for dat price. Na quality go decide di price of goods but we go also chook eye for di quality of di product. If we see any product wey be fake our law say we fit clear am.

Na 97 bags of Stallion and Caprice wey dem no dey produce again since 2018 we see for market and we carry all come office make dem come explain to us how dem take get am, we still dey investigate dat mata till now.”

Im add say dia offices dey cross di kontri and dey open for pipo to report to dem.

Concerning di raids wey be like say na only Abuja di FCCPC dey face, Oga Abdullahi say im men for oda states no dey sleep and dem go start to go around states wey dey under evri geopolitical zone from dis week.

‘We go block any loan App wey harrass any Nigerian’

Online applications wey many pipo sabi as loan sharks na wia some Nigerians dey access money sharp sharp to take solve urgent issues.

But if dem no pay back in due time, some of dis loan companies dey send yeye messages to all dia contacts wit dia picture.

Dis harassment bin don cause many gbege for Nigeria as some pipo even lose dia jobs in di process sake of di embarrassment and disgrace.

Oga Abdullahi say e no go happun again as dem don begin torchlight di mata.

“We no gree for dat kain practice sake of say na customers dem dey harass, even though no be our problem directly and e carry CBN, NITDA, EFCC, Human Rights Commission to form committee, we enta di mata.

“As we find out say na online dem dey operate, dem no get offices, no face or even managing director, we go meet Google and Apple store, we bring down all dia Apps. We go bank through CBN and block all dia accounts.”

Im say afta dem block dia accounts na dem waka come meet dem and dem give dem forms to fill wia dem put all dia details, address and managing director before dem give dem di new regulations of how dem go operate, so anytime we get any report from any customer we go block dem again.”

Im explain say for now, na warning dem warn dem and na last week Monday dem start dis project.

“Dem agree wit us in writing say dem no go get access to pipo contacts and photo again so if we hear say dem do am again we go block dem straight”. im conclude.

Oga Abdullahi also ask Nigerians make dem no keep quiet if dem see or experience anytin wey dey against consumers.

Im say di way to reach dem sharp sharp na to do video post for social media and tag dem.

You fit also enta dia website write your complain dia or you fit still write to dem directly and address am to any of dia office for your geopolitical zone.

“As e dey happun, make you do video post am for all our social media handles, e dey work and e dey faster”.

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