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ACY Securities goes live with Copy Trading on Tradingcup platform

After reporting late last year that it had launched demo Copy Trading, Australia based multi-asset CFDs broker ACY Securities has announced that it has now gone live with the Copy Trading feature on the Tradingcup platform. This addition marks a significant evolution for Tradingcup, transforming it from its origins as a trading competition into a cutting-edge copy trading service.

Tradingcup has undergone a remarkable transformation since its inception as a trading competition, where top traders from around the world showcased their skills in iconic venues such as Shanghai in 2018, Macau in 2019, and Sydney in 2020. Over time, based on valuable feedback from participants and the wider trading community, Tradingcup has evolved into a platform offering prize pools ranging from $75,000 to $1 million. Now, the latest iteration of Tradingcup introduces live copy trading, providing elite traders with the opportunity to showcase their trading prowess by providing signals while enabling everyday traders to replicate the trades of these elite traders.

Some highlights of the new Tradingcup copy trading service include:

  • Over 3,210 Signals Available – Traders have access to a vast array of signals to copy at launch, with exponential growth expected as the platform expands over time.
  • Impressive Funds Invested – The platform boasts an impressive total of over $52,600,000 invested, demonstrating strong engagement in the platform.
  • Robust Backing from ACY Securities – With access to over 2,200 tradable instruments, ACY Securities provides a solid foundation for the Tradingcup platform.

The live copy trading feature on Tradingcup offers users access to elite traders globally, enabling them to automatically mirror trades and leverage the expertise of seasoned professionals. Key features include seamless replication of trades, exclusive access to a curated community of top-performing traders and transparent trading performance metrics.

Jimmy Ye, CEO at ACY Securities commented,

“Our mission at ACY Securities is to empower traders with the tools and resources they need to succeed in today’s dynamic markets. With the launch of live copy trading on Tradingcup, we are delivering on that commitment by democratising access to proven trading strategies and fostering a collaborative community of traders.”

Key features of the live copy trading feature:

  • Seamless Replication – Users can effortlessly replicate the trades of seasoned traders with just a few clicks.
  • Access to Top Traders – Tradingcup offers exclusive access to a curated community of top-performing traders, providing users with a diverse range of trading strategies to choose from.
  • Transparent Performance Metrics – Traders can make informed decisions with real-time performance statistics and comprehensive historical data on past trades.

In addition to offering users the ability to copy trades, Tradingcup also provides an opportunity for traders to become signal providers and share their trading expertise with the community. This dual functionality creates a dynamic ecosystem where traders can both learn from others and contribute to the success of fellow traders.

About ACY Securities

ACY Securities is a globally renowned multi-asset CFD broker, committed to delivering innovative trading solutions. With a rich history spanning 13 years, ACY Securities has established itself as a trusted partner for traders seeking a secure and advanced trading environment. The company offers a comprehensive range of financial products, including Forex, Commodities, Indices, ETFs, Shares, Futures and Cryptocurrencies, supported by cutting-edge technology and unparalleled customer service.

ACY Securities is part of the ACYLogix group of companies which include ACY Partners, ACY Advisory, ACY Connect, ACY Live and Zerologix.

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