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B2Core iOS v1.22: Centroid & IB Upgrade


B2Broker announces the latest upgrade to the B2Core iOS app with the release of version 1.22. This update brings several significant enhancements, including integration with Centroid accounts and the introduction of the IB module, aimed at enriching the app’s functionality and user experience.

The new edition is built on the momentum of the 1.20 version, which introduced the opportunity to trade on cTrader directly from the mobile app.

Advancements in Centroid Integration

Centroid Solutions, renowned for its expertise in risk management, bridging, execution, and hosting infrastructure for multi-asset brokers, is now seamlessly integrated into the B2Core iOS app. This integration unlocks new ways, empowering clients with greater control over funds and risk management tools right from their smartphones or tablets.

Advancements in Centroid Integration

Users can now add their CentroID margin accounts and perform transactions directly in the B2Core interface, eliminating the need to switch between multiple platforms.

Streamlined IB Management on iOS

B2Broker introduces the IB module directly within the iOS app, enabling users to oversee referral programs from their mobile devices conveniently.

This edition is available through the Profile menu and as a distinct widget on the dashboard. The IB Room allows users to explore various IB programs, send applications to join, and effortlessly access their affiliate links from their mobile devices.

Streamlined IB Management on iOS

Incorporating the IB Wallet Functionality

The IB Module also features the IB Wallet, which reveals all commissions and rebates from referrals as they occur. Clients can easily oversee their earnings and deploy them for transactions.

Personalised Referral Links

Moreover, users have the ability to generate and customise their distinct IB referral links for every IB campaign, enhancing their capability to attract referrals. This feature makes the referral program more personalised and effective.

Personalised Referral Links

Concluding Thoughts

B2Broker wishes to make clear that this is only the beginning of the IB Room capabilities within their B2Core iOS app. Currently hosting the primary components of their IB module in version 1.22, B2Core’s team is determined to expand and refine the module to equate to the broader functionalities seen in the web version.

Future upgrades will introduce advanced features such as detailed reports on IB client activities and an integrated IB Dashboard. These developments will ensure a thorough mobile experience, affording clients deeper insights into their operations.

B2Broker’s team constantly endeavours to enhance its products to meet the changing needs of the financial market, and it is keen to incorporate feedback and suggestions to continue improving its offerings.


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