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Crude Oil Forecast Today – 18/01: Oil Markets Remain Noisy

  • The crude oil market experienced a slight pullback during Wednesday’s trading session, but it remains firmly within a substantial consolidation range, drawing the attention of many investors.
  • This means that we can get somewhat comfortable with the idea of rangebound trading.

Crude Oil Forecast Today - 18/01: Oil Markets Remain Noisy (Graph)

In the case of WTI Crude Oil, the market saw early declines on Wednesday, reflecting the ongoing turbulence in Crude Oil prices. However, the prevailing sentiment suggests that the market is primarily consolidating at the moment. This consolidation phase is expected to exert more influence on prices than any other factor, although there are going to be occasional headlines crossing the wires that could be influential.

It’s probable that this dip will find buyers once again. Concerns about the oil market‘s overall health would only become significant if prices drop below $68, and some argue that support may extend as far as $65. It’s important to note that various factors are simultaneously impacting the market, as per usual for the oil markets, which are somewhat noisy under the best circumstances.

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Brent Oil Forecast Today - 18/01: Oil Markets Remain Noisy (Graph)

The Brent market exhibits a similar pattern. It displayed early softness on Wednesday but remains within a defined consolidation range. The $72 level serves as support, while the $80.50 level acts as resistance. The market’s movements are influenced by multiple factors, including incidents in the Red Sea and concerns about oversupply. Moreover, worries about a potential recession that could reduce demand are counterbalanced by OPEC’s readiness to curtail production to support the market.

In the grander scheme of things, the market might be in an accumulation phase from a long-term perspective. However, in the short term, it’s advisable to approach the market cautiously. Purchasing in small increments during price dips with limited exposure is a prudent strategy. The current market lacks clear directionality and is characterized by volatility, something that I do not think goes away anytime soon.

At the end of the day, the crude oil market remains within a consolidation range, with WTI Crude Oil and Brent both navigating between support and resistance levels. Various factors, including geopolitical events and supply concerns, are contributing to this volatility. While the long-term outlook may involve an accumulation phase, short-term trading should be approached with caution due to the market’s unpredictable and choppy nature.

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