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Euro Forecast Today – 18/01: Euro Seeks Stability Near 1.09

The Euro appears to be striving to establish stability, hovering just below the critical 1.09 level.

  • The euro experienced an initial decline during Wednesday’s trading session, primarily due to prevailing volatility.
  • However, it appears to be striving to establish stability, hovering just below the critical 1.09 level.

Euro Forecast Today - 18/01: Euro Seeks Stability Near 1.09 (Graph)

In the EUR/USD pair price, the euro initially weakened against the US dollar on Wednesday, reflecting the ongoing market turbulence. The price action tested the 1.09 level, dipped below it, and is now making efforts to recover. If the market manages to surpass the 50-day Exponential Moving Average located below, it’s probable that it will target the 1.0950 level. Beyond that, the 1.10 level presents itself as a significant resistance point, having played such a role over recent weeks and in the past.

However, should a decline occur from the current position, the next key areas to monitor would be the 200-day EMA, a longer-term indicator, followed by the 1.0750 level, which marks the lower boundary of the overall consolidation range.

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It’s essential to recognize that this currency pair tends to exhibit significant choppiness, and the market is currently engaged in a period of discernment regarding its future trajectory for much of the year. The Federal Reserve is expected to implement multiple rate cuts in the upcoming year, a widely held expectation. However, it’s also plausible to argue that market participants are beginning to contemplate the possibility of the European Central Bank taking similar measures. This consideration arises as Germany faces the prospect of a recession, accompanied by the economic struggles of several other European nations.

Consequently, I anticipate a relatively neutral year for this currency pair, which doesn’t preclude the presence of a trading range. Instead, it suggests that the market is in the process of determining the boundaries of that range. Currently, it appears that we are positioned near the midpoint of the expected range for the initial months of 2024. The unfolding year is likely to feature a great deal of choppy price action, and, consequently, the perspective of range-bound trading becomes pertinent for the long term.

In the end, the euro initially weakened in the face of volatility but now aims to stabilize just below the crucial 1.09 level. The market exhibits choppiness, and its trajectory for the year is subject to factors such as potential rate cuts by central banks. A neutral outlook prevails, with the market in the process of defining its range. Expectations for 2024 point toward a period of fluctuation, emphasizing the concept of range-bound trading as the prevailing sentiment.

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