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Institutional FX trading volumes rise 4% in January to start off 2024

Institutional FX trading got off to a good start in 2024, with January average daily trading volumes at leading eFX ECNs rising by more than 4% MoM over what was a fairly strong December.

Three of the four ECNs surveyed by FNG – FXSpotStream, 360T, and EuronextFX – registered volume increases during January, which included a best-ever month for FXSpotStream. Only Cboe FX saw a slight (2%) decline in volumes.

Cboe FX (formerly HotspotFX)

  • January 2024 average daily volumes were $43.629 billion, -2.0% from December’s $44.523 billion billion.

EuronextFX (formerly FastMatch)

  • January 2024 ADV $24.933 billion, +1.8% from December’s ADV of 24.481 billion.


  • January’s Total ADV was an ADV Record High for FXSpotStream at USD73.645billion, with Spot ADV of USD54.737billion and Other ADV of USD18.902billion.
  • FXSpotStream’s Total ADV MoM (Jan’24 vs Dec’23) increased 13.64%.
  • FXSpotStream’s Total ADV YoY (Jan’24 vs Jan’23) increased 21.59%.
  • FXSpotStream’s Spot ADV MoM (Jan’24 vs Dec’23) increased 11.23%.
  • FXSpotStream’s Spot ADV YoY (Jan’24 vs Jan’23) increased 10.22%.
  • FXSpotStream’s Other ADV MoM (Jan’24 vs Dec’23) increased 21.24%.
  • FXSpotStream’s Other ADV YoY (Jan’24 vs Jan’23) increased 73.35%.


  • Average daily volumes (ADV) at 360T came in at $28.758 billion in January 2024, up 3.9% from December’s $27.688 billion.

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