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Powell likely to hold rates at March Fed meeting

Fed Powell likely to hold rates in March

Futures prices from the CME signal a 99% chance that the Fed, under Chair Jerome Powell, won’t alter the Fed Funds interest rate at the upcoming March FOMC meeting. This strong consensus highlights market confidence in the Fed’s current stance, suggesting a watchful approach to monetary policy amid evolving economic conditions. Powell has been careful not to shock markets with sudden changes to monetary policy, and will often speak to expectations for future meetings to provide transparency to investors.

Interest rate cut path for 2024

Attention is now turning to Powell’s guidance for the remainder of 2024, with traders especially keen on deciphering potential rate cuts. Current market speculation from CME futures prices estimates a 7% probability for a cut in May, and a 52% chance by June. These probabilites, a reflect the market’s analysis of economic indicators, have declined in recent weeks with the release of strong US inflation measures like CPI and PPI.

Fed dot plot revision coming

The March FOMC meeting will also provide a revision of the Federal Reserve’s dot plot from December 2023. This document offers a forecast of interest rate expectations from FOMC members, serving as a crucial indicator of the central bank’s monetary policy outlook over the coming years. Any adjustments to these projections could signal a shift in the Federal Reserve’s economic expectations, directly influencing investors’ and traders’ strategies across a range of financial markets.

Futures traders price in 3 rate cuts

Market dynamics, as reflected by Fed Funds futures (CME), suggest a consensus towards approximately 75 basis points in rate cuts by the end of 2024. This anticipation of a dovish shift in policy by the Federal Reserve underscores the market’s current sentiment and its expectations for a softer economic stance, potentially aimed at stimulating economic activity. At the start of 2024, predictions centered closer to 100-125 bps of cuts.

US dollar positively correlated to rates

The relationship between Federal Reserve interest rate decisions and the US dollar value is intricate, often seeing the dollar’s strength fluctuate in line with policy changes. Predictions of interest rate cuts typically put downward pressure on the USD, making it less attractive to yield-seeking investors. Conversely, maintaining or increasing rates could fortify the dollar by offering higher returns. This correlation is a key consideration for forex traders, impacting everything from currency exchange strategies to international trade dynamics.

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