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7 Destinations Where US Dollars Go Extra Far


  • There are many countries where USD are strong; American dollars go further in Mexico, where the currency exchange rate helps stretch the budget for travelers, retirees, and digital nomads.
  • Enjoy affordable living and vacations in the Philippines, another budget-friendly yet stunning place and one of the abundance of countries where the USD is the strongest, with a favorable exchange rate.
  • Argentina stands out as a budget-friendly option with a low cost of living, offering a cultural experience and stunning landscapes to explore, as well as a good USD exchange rate with the local currency.



The purchasing power of US dollars reigns supreme in the global currency, particularly in countries with a low cost of living. For Americans contemplating living in distant lands or seeking adventures outside the United States, many countries are inexpensive, where people can live for under $1,500 a month or simply spend a few weeks or months of recreation without it costing a fortune.

For American retirees wanting to start a new life abroad with a fixed monthly income, there are many places around the world to retire for less than $1,000 a month. Many retirement countries also have the easiest citizenships, including the Dominican Republic and Argentina.

Meanwhile, digital nomads who are receiving their pay in US dollars with good value overseas will also love the financial security and freedom they can experience in finding a place they can call stay in, where US dollars stretch far and wide. Standing as a beacon of financial stability and a steadfast tapestry of both relocation and recreation, US dollars will take Americans further, beyond the possibilities of savoring unique cultures, exotic eats, legendary hospitality, and otherworldly landscapes.

Travelers, vacationers, expats, digital nomads, and retirees, here are some of the best destinations around the world where US dollars go extra far!

The statistics of these destinations with favorable USD exchange rates, such as the cost of living, best places to live, currency exchange rate, and population, were sourced from Living Cost, World Population Review, and XE. Take note that these exchange rates may change as they are updated from time to time.


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7 Mexico

Exchange rate: 1 USD = 17.00 MXN | 1 MXN = 0.05 USD

Viva Mexico! Travelers never have to go far from the United States to experience the favorable exchange rate of US dollars. Nestled in the southern part of North America, Mexico’s vibrant and unique cultural heritage, otherworldly landscapes, world-renowned cuisine (ah, quesadillas!), and legendary hospitality beckon many adventurers to explore this beautiful country.

Travelers can explore the enchanting ancient Mayan ruins at Chichén Itzá, explore the cobblestone streets and colonial architecture of the famous San Miguel de Allende, or smell the ocean breeze at one of the country’s breathtaking beaches. All these are more favorable to Mexico’s currency, the Mexican Peso against US dollars, which travelers can stretch further, whether for vacation or relocation.

In Mexico, $100 goes a long way, and even 100 Mexican Pesos (equivalent to about $6) goes quite far; travelers can already buy delicious tacos, drinks, or even a five-mile taxi ride!

6 The Philippines

Exchange rate: 1 USD = 57.20 PHP | 1 PHP = 0.01 USD

From the bustling streets of two of the biggest cities in the Philippines; Manila and Cebu, to the highlands of Tagaytay close to the active Taal Volcano, and the crystal-clear turquoise waters of Palawan beckon many globetrotters to rub shoulders with this beautiful archipelago. Nicknamed Pearl of the Orient Seas by the Spanish missionaries (originally Perla del Mar de Oriente), the Philippines offers plenty of budget-friendly places to visit.

Travelers can enjoy treading the streets of Dumaguete City, a laid-back university town on the shores of Negros Oriental, and relish the gastronomic Filipino version of tempura at Tempura ni Bossing, a well-known street food vendor who rose to fame for his delightful skewered tempura, dunked on different levels of sauce (from one to five)—five being the spiciest and definitely not for the faint of hearts.

Those who want to venture to another island can cross to Siquijor, an enchanting and ever-gorgeous destination for outdoor and beach enthusiasts, or to Bohol, where the majestic peaks of the UNESCO-listed Chocolate Hills are considered the eighth wonder of the world.

All these and more hidden gems in the Philippines, even those that are in the heart of the country, offer affordability with a low cost of living and a very favorable exchange rate of US dollars. This lures Americans to consider the country their permanent home or a tropical escape on many of the Philippines’ best beaches with diverse indigenous influences and cultures.

With vibrant fiestas, the many festivals in the Philippines that exude culture and color, exotic dishes, and the warmth of legendary Filipino hospitality, this archipelago of over 7,000 islands is an attractive blend of a natural world of beauty and allure.

Currency: Philippine Peso (PHP)

Population: 118,714,503

Cost of Living with Rent: $614

Places to Live: Dumaguete, Cebu, Davao, Siargao Island, Boracay Island, Bohol

Popular Attractions: Chocolate Hills, Banaue Rice Terraces, Fort Santiago (Intramuros), Apo Island, Basilica Minore Del Sto. Niño de Cebu

Unlike the typical Japanese tempura, which is made of shrimp and vegetables, the Filipino version of tempura is made of mixed flour, spring onions, milk, and seasonings to taste—deep-fried and skewered.


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5 Indonesia

Exchange rate: 1 USD = 16,217.73 IDR | 1 IDR = 0.01 USD

Gleaming with a wealth of adventures and otherworldly landscapes of more than 17,000 islands, Indonesia is one of the best countries where US dollars go far. From Komodo’s Pink Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, to the enchanting ancient sites to check out in Bali, Indonesia is a tapestry of diverse landscapes and amazing culture. Whether Americans are traveling for work, vacation, or contemplating making Indonesia their permanent home, this beautiful country has no scarcity of adventures.

The country’s affordable living expenses and its breathtaking scenery and grandiosity, alongside the beautiful ancient temples, volcanic landscapes, and Indonesia’s most beautiful islands are enticing, and the endless opportunities to live or spend a vacation comfortably are not to be missed.

With a strong value against Indonesian Rupiah, Americans who are earning US dollars will have their time of life exploring the majestic corners of Indonesia and its mouthwatering eats—ever heard of Indonesia’s spicy ‘death noodles’ that everyone thinks they can handle?


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4 Argentina

Exchange rate: 1 USD = 868.78 ARS | 1 ARS = 0.001 USD

Imagine a $0.001 value for 1 Argentine Peso. That’s how US dollars can go extra far when spent in Argentina, another Spanish-speaking country in South America. Argentina is gleaming with must-see destinations – so many that even 10 days spent in Argentina will only leave travelers wanting more!

From the vibrant and colorful corners of Buenos Aires, Argentina’s dreamy capital city, to the vast landscapes of Patagonia, a thrill-seeker’s paradise, Argentina is not to be missed!

Whether experiencing authentic Argentine tango rhythms, going on a cultural adventure in Mendoza, Argentina’s wine capital, or savoring Argentina’s bucket-list-worthy eats (ah, dulce de leche!), anyone who seeks a one-of-a-kind vacation, or a beautiful destination to live in will fall for Argentina’s charm and boundless beauty.

Travelers, retirees, or digital nomads earning US dollars will have the ability to find comfort in the country, where the cost of living doesn’t require deep pockets, and warm hospitality is celebrated.

3 Chile

Exchange rate: 1 USD = 980 CLP | 1 CLP = 0.001 USD

Trailing Argentina for its affordability, especially with the US dollar’s favorable exchange rate, Chile is a land of contrasts and adventures—from the desert to the sea. The rugged cliffs that intensify the souls of thrill-seekers, the untamed beauty of its diverse landscapes, and the natural and cultural treasures of Chile, have won the hearts of travelers alike.

Its capital, Santiago, is also one of the historical and cultural destinations in Chile and is ensconced by the majestic Andes and the Chilean Coast Range, offering amazing things to do. Outdoor enthusiasts will also love Chile’s wild nature, from hiking and trekking to camping adventures.

But a trip to this beautiful South American country ain’t complete without discovering and tasting the flavors of Chile—from the world-renowned Chilean empanadas to its mouthwatering seafood cuisine. Don’t miss out on the famous ceviche! Seriously, Chilean cuisine is to die for!

2 Colombia

Exchange rate: 1 USD = 3,923.33 COP | 1 COP = 0.0002 USD

Hola! Bienvenidos a Colombia, a jewel in South America known for its vibrant culture, diversity, and warm hospitality. US dollars against the Colombian Peso have a huge advantage and Colombia’s affordable cost of living makes this beautiful Spanish-speaking country an attractive option for Americans to visit, retire, or live in.

Colombia offers exciting things to do (especially for first-timers) and is beaming with incredible Colombian destinations to visit, including the vibrant Cartagena, Colombia’s Caribbean Port City, and the the colorful Guatape, which offers plenty of ways to enjoy visiting!

Whether travelers want to dance their own sway of Colombian salsa, taste the umami flavors of Colombian cuisine, or explore the vibrant Bogotá, which also offers amazing things to do, a big budget isn’t necessary because of its affordability and an advantageous exchange rate for US dollars.


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1 Cambodia

Exchange rate: 1 USD = 4,046.38 KHR | 1 KHR= 0.0002 USD

Another crowning jewel in Southeast Asia, Cambodia is steeped in ancient history and cultural heritage with a realm of stunning landscapes and centuries-old architecture. From Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, travelers and potential settlers will enjoy a trip to Cambodia—including the vibrant Art-Deco Central Market in its capital to the old-world and majestic stone temple of Angkor Wat, Cambodia’s lost city.

Its favorable exchange rate of US dollars and cheap living expenses make this enchanting country an attractive option for Americans to venture to its beautiful shores as a permanent home or a quick getaway. Thrill-seekers can explore Cambodia’s off-the-beaten tracks and historic attractions, including Prei Kuk, a smaller Angkor Wat temple complex, witness the unique Apsara Dance Performance, which showcases the Cambodian culture, or take part in one of Cambodian food tours to get a taste of the country’s mouthwatering cuisine.

These are just among the best things to do in Cambodia, the land filled with otherworldly scenery beyond its storied past.

Currency: Cambodian Riels (KHR)

Population: 17,083,138

Cost of Living with Rent: $753

Places to Live: Phnom Penh, Prey Veng, Siem Reap, Kampong Cham, Battambang

Popular Attractions: Angkor Wat, Bayon Temple, Royal Palace

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