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Investors flock to US dollar, gold as Middle East tensions escalate

US dollar rises on Middle East tensions

Amidst rising tensions in the Middle East, major currencies like the EUR, GBP, JPY, and CAD have reached year-to-date lows against the US dollar, as investors seek safer assets. This move toward the dollar, often viewed as a stable investment during geopolitical unrest, underscores its role as a flight-to-quality asset in times of uncertainty.

Gold prices continue all-time high trading

Gold has maintained its status as a premier flight-to-quality asset during periods of political and military turbulence, with investors choosing it over potentially volatile currencies and government debt. Its continued trade at all-time highs reflects the ongoing demand for safe-haven assets amid global uncertainties.

Crude oil prices rise on fear of Iranian attack

Fears of an Iranian attack have spurred a rise in crude oil prices, given that several Middle East nations are among the top crude oil producers worldwide. This scenario heightens concerns over supply disruptions, affecting global markets and forex trading strategies focused on energy-dependent currencies.

EUR/USD breaks below 1.0700

The EUR/USD pair has dipped to new lows unseen since last November, edging closer to a year-long low around 1.0500. This significant depreciation reflects investor caution, favoring the US dollar over the euro amid growing geopolitical risks and economic uncertainties.

Gold prices near $2,500 as geopolitical risk increases

As geopolitical tensions escalate, gold prices have surged, ranging from $2,000 to $2,440 in 2024, and are now nearing the $2,500 mark. While uncharted territory above all-time highs, gold’s climb year-to-date suggests $2,500 and beyond is well within reach – as is a reversion back towards $2,000. This rise highlights gold’s enduring appeal as a safe-haven asset during times of increased global risk, attracting forex traders and investors alike.

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