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Navigating the Path of the US Dollar: Insights from Recent CPI Trends

Considering recent CPI data releases, the trajectory of the US dollar seems poised for potential gains, contrary to previous speculation of a June rate cut.

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The market sentiment, evident in the mom core CPI increase of 0.4%, hints at broader price pressures beyond rents, fuelling a notable surge in US yields and consequently, the dollar’s value.

Delving into the CPI breakdown, core services, notably shelter, transportation, and medical care services, emerge as significant contributors to the inflation uptick. Despite the persistent gap between CPI rents and actual rents posing a puzzle, the visible inflationary pressures underscore the need for the Federal Reserve to reevaluate its strategy.


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The Fed’s focus on the super core CPI measure as a barometer for addressing underlying inflation pressures underscores the importance of recent data trends. With the 3-month annualized super core inflation rate hitting 8.17% and the 6-month measure at 6.08%, concerns over inflationary risks intensify.

Despite initial expectations of a June rate cut fuelled by consecutive upside inflation surprises, the likelihood dwindles considering evolving data trends. The possibility of a June cut by the FOMC now appears increasingly remote, given the necessity for more definitive evidence and the potential repercussions on jobs growth.

Looking forward, short-term projections for the EUR/USD exchange rate suggest a window for further US dollar strength. With short-term yield dynamics hinting at a possible dip in the EUR/USD below 1.0500, market participants may need to adjust expectations, particularly in anticipation of the ECB’s stance on monetary policy.

In conclusion, while uncertainties linger regarding the precise trajectory of the US dollar, recent CPI data insights advocate for a nuanced approach. As market dynamics evolve, staying abreast of key economic indicators remains imperative for informed decision-making.

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