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US Killing the Dollar With Its Own Hands, Says Putin

The US dollar is the cornerstone of American supremacy but the White House is killing the currency with its own hands, says Russian President Vladimir Putin. Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson sat down with an interview with Putin and discussed BRICS, the US dollar, and geopolitics. The BRICS leader said that developing countries are using the US dollar for trade, but the power of the currency is being dimmed by the White House.

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Putin explained that the US pressing sanctions on Russia helped the Chinese Yuan and the Ruble thrive. He stressed that the sanctions brought BRICS and other developing together in realizing who the enemy is. The President hailed the BRICS alliance for staying united and spearheading the de-dollarization motives worldwide.

US Foreign Policy is Killing the Dollar, Not BRICS: Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin BRICSRussian President Vladimir Putin BRICS

Russia’s President said to Carlson that the US has misplaced its foreign policy. Acting tough on developing nations won’t help the country anymore but will only benefit the underdog, he stressed. Here’s what BRICS leader Putin said to Carlson about the US dollar’s decline.

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“They use the US dollar as a tool for foreign policy is one of the biggest strategic maitake made by the White House. No matter how many dollars are printed, they are quickly disbursed all over the world. Inflation in the US is minimal which is normal, but they won’t stop printing and the debt is now $34 trillion. Nevertheless, the US dollar is the main weapon used to preserve its power around the world”.

“Look at what is going on in the world, even the US allies are downsizing the dollar in their reserves. The fact that the US applies sanctions to other countries causes distress and sends a negative signal to the world. Look where the sanctions have brought us to, until 2022, nearly 80% of foreign transactions in Russia were settled in US dollars or euros. Currently, it is now down to 13%. It wasn’t us that banned the use of the dollar”.

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“It wasn’t our intention, the US intended to stop us from using the dollar. By the way, our transactions in the Chinese Yuan were 3% before 2022 but are now 34% today. Payments in Russian Rubles have also shot up,” he summed it up.

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